Paws Unlimited

Dog Training


Welcome to Paws Unlimited! 


At Paws Unlimited the goal is to help you establish a positive and strong relationship with your canine companion.   

Training provides boundaries, strengthens your bond, and builds trust with your dog.  Dogs that go through training are more confident, better mannered, and socialized.   Through positive reinforcement training, your dog will learn consistent behaviors that enable him/her to follow commands and become a companion that you enjoy.  

Training should be fun for you and your dog.    


At Paws Unlimited we work on multiple skills and exercises. We use positive reinforcement-based training techniques, which have been scientifically proven to be effective at modifying behavior.   Positive training and proper socialization is crucial when building confidence for our canine friends.   


Paws Unlimited started 20 years ago and has successfully grown into a business that helps owners and dogs live a devoted life with mutual happiness. Paws Unlimited works with all kinds of dogs, breeds, and behaviors in all situations and environments.  

Do you want your dog to walk politely on a leash? To come when called? To be well-mannered and socialized?  To be polite, calm and not jump on visitors? To respect your leadership?  

Paws Unlimited can help!   Start your dog off on the right paw and contact us today! 


I've learned a lot from Debby at Paws Unlimited from the many classes (basic, advanced, agility, social time) my dogs and I have attended.

Debby has always gone the extra mile to help with the challenges I faced with my rescue dogs. It's a great feeling to be comfortable enough to bring my well-mannered dogs into public places and have control over them.

I would highly recommend Debby to anyone who wants a great relationship with their dog. The knowledge she has taught me is now part of our everyday life and I have great communication skills with my dogs. It has truly made a difference in our lives.

Lory Warren- Grand Rapids, MN