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I can't think of a more exceptional trainer than Debby Morris at Paws Unlimited. Debby makes her trainings and classes and educational and fun environment for everyone.  

I'm especially grateful to Debby for reaching out to me after my dog was attacked, and for the first time started showing aggression. I had never dealt with this kind of situation before. I didn't know what to do to get my dog back to her loving and playful self.

Debby worked with my dog, and my husband and I on rehabilitating her. Debby taught us to take control of the situation.

I would recommend Paws Unlimited in an instant to anyone looking to learn new things with their beloved companion and have fun!

Sandy Pierce- Grand Rapids, MN

Who is Debby Morris ?   

All of my life I have grown up with dogs and felt a connections and a strong bond.  I attended DBU for Vet Tech and worked at a vet clinic for 3 years.  I managed a dog kennel and boarding facility for several years before I decided to follow my dream starting Paws Unlimited.  I enjoy helping educate people on how to better communicate and relate with their dogs while also doing what I love. 

I have had 25 years of  dog training experience.  I have worked alongside many dog trainer professionals, breeders, dog clubs, and Search & Rescue organizations. I am Co-President of the Grand Rapids Dog Park. I have completed seminars and educational classes and have performed demonstrations  for multiple organizations like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Search & Rescue, the Civil Air Patrol, church groups, and other adult facilities. 

My credentials are certified veterinary technician, certified Red Cross Canine First Aid/CPR,  AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator,  AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy evaluator, AKC CGC Community Canine evaluator, AKC Urban CGC evaluator, Trick Dog evaluator.   Certified and Insured.  

I continue my education by attending training seminars and events. I am always searching to expand my knowledge further on new training techniques, behaviors, and tools that apply to our furry friends. 


My own dogs have been trained and have earned multiple titles in some of these events under American Kennel Club, Canine Performance Events, United Kennel Club: 

Search & Rescue          Therapy Dog Association (Certified)           Agility          Conformation          Tracking          Rally          

Obedience          Canine Good Citizenship          Companion Dog (Certified)          Hero Award


How our dogs communicate to us: 

Dogs communicate to us through body language.  Learning how to read a dog's body language will help you understand what your dog is trying to tell you and can help prevent unwanted behaviors.  At Paws Unlimited we specialize in teaching dog body language and behaviors.

What is a dog behaviorist trainer?  
 A dog behaviorist trainer is someone who works in altering and transforming behaviors in dogs through positive training
methods.   I exhaust my knowledge and expertise to teach dogs and people how to have a well-rounded life with their dog companions.