Paws Unlimited

Dog Training


At Paws Unlimited, we offer a variety of  training classes, private lessons, socialization time and pack walks. We understand that every dog has different needs and learns at a different pace.   We work with each pack family to establish training techniques that will work best for you and your dog.  

On line lessons - 

On line lessons have been very successful.    I understand that every dog and family has different wants and needs.   I work with you and your dog to come up with a training program that is suited for you both.  

During our lesson I will be able to evaluate your dog in their own environment where they are most comfortable.   I will give demonstrations with my own dogs to help you work on the hands on part while starting on training, behavioral or any issues you may be having.

Online lesson are being offered on Facetime or Google duo. I accept payment through Venmo, PayPal, Pop money or check.  For more informations contact me.  

Private lessons -  In person lessons

Independence learning at your convenience.  

Private lessons are geared to work with you and your dog in their own environment where your dog is most comfortable.  

During a private lesson we work one on one with you and your dog.   Some dogs benefit more with one on one training verses classroom environments.    

Individual lessons or group private lessons offered.  

For more information contact me:  

Obedience / Manners

 Specialized in smaller group lessons for more one on one for you and your dog.  

Consists of Foundation training through obedience commands that can be used in everyday life.

These commands can be as followed: sit, stay, come, down, leave it, and much more. 

Not only will your dog learn obedience but manners as well like setting boundaries, leadership skills, and consistency through positive reinforcement training.

Control Social time 

Join us in dog (and owner) social time during a scheduled playtime. During social time dogs learn to how to socialize with other dogs and people.  Learn dog body language and proper interaction skills.  

In order to attend social time, the dog needs to be enrolled in class or have taken a previous class or private lesson. All dogs are evaluated to see if they would be a good fit for playtime.

Let's make it fun and safe for every person and dog! 

Pack Walks

Schedule pack walk 

Would you like to get some exercise for you and your dog?  My motto is a tired dog is a happy dog.  

We walk in varies area's and locations.   

In order to attend a pack walk you and your dog would have had to take a previous lesson or have approval by me.  I will post up coming dates/times on my pack walk site. 

For more information call or email Debby Morris.

All dogs are required to be up to date on Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella vaccines.